Alocasia Reginula

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How does one go about selecting a piece of flora that is compatible with one’s extremely high social standing? One buys a royal plant. Introducing Queen Alocasia Reginula. She’s regal. Buy the Queen Alocasia Reginula now!

Plant Care

Sun icon   Bright indirect light

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Let the plant dry out between waterings.

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This plant is toxic to humans and animals when ingested.

Plant Bio

Alocasia Reginula, also known as Black Velvet, or Jewel Alocasia, is a relatively small Alocasia with big, lush, almost black leaves and contrasting silver veins. The leaves of Alocasia Reginula look velvet-like but are a little rough to touch. This Alocasia grows only up to 30-40cm tall.

If you want to keep Alocasia Reginula happy, you must keep her in a very well-aerated potting mix that dries out completely between waterings. The best mix would be very light on peat moss. But with the addition of sand, perlite and bark. Water your Black Velvet deeply but infrequently. Jewel Alocasia’s are susceptible to root and basal rot infections, especially when overwatered.

The plant sold is approximately20cm tall, and it comes in a plastic nursery pot size 14cm.

Alocasia Reginula is one of the very few almost black plants in nature.