A story from behind the scenes of the floral industry. (I do not speak for everyone)
My intentions are simply to educate customers of their options and the reality of internet orders in the floral world.
Roughly 100 years ago, wire services were used by florists to communicate orders around the country and even around the world. During its time, this was an extremely useful and convenient way to send flowers anywhere.
In today’s world of technology, if you want to send a loved one flowers in another state, you would use the internet to find a florist in your LO’s area and contact that florist directly….Perfect!
Though, it isn’t always so easy for some.
Our job as florists is to create a product that conveys the message you wish to speak, within the price point that works best for you!
THIS can become a challenge when involving global ordering services. These “Global” middlemen are companies that set the price and standard FOR you, while not only taking the money from your pocket, but from that of your florists, as well.
Let me break it down: Initially, you are charged a fee. What they don't tell you, is that we, as florists, must also deduct their percentage off your order...monies that are no longer going into the quality of your product, but instead to their “services.”
Most florists using wire services are bound by yearly contracts, somewhere up around $100-$300 per month! We, as florists, also have to take off large chunks of money for that expensive vase they are up-selling to you, as well as being charged for late replies, substitutions or rejected orders...it is a never ending cycle!
By the end of your order, you have paid your florist’s fees, their service fees, and your $100 budget quickly turns into a $50 value, or so. How does that make our flower businesses look?
Here is a prime example: A few days ago, Phoebe’s Floristry received a phone call from a Global flower company. While we do not use wire services at our shop, they can still find us! The woman on the phone wanted to place an order for her customer at a $50 value, and it did not take me long to realize that the customer originally had something much grander in mind.
I let the woman know that I, unfortunately, could not fill the order for this price. After hanging up, I reached out to the customer, directly (small town blessing!). After talking with the customer, he told me that he had placed an order with what he thought to be a local flower shop for the price of $90.00!!! $90.00 that was going to be spent for a product of a $50.00 value.
The moral of this story is that while the power of the internet and marketing is a great way for businesses to thrive, it can also create the opportunities for people to be taken advantage of.
So, do yourself a favor! Take the extra few minutes to ensure that you are ACTUALLY ordering from a reputable FLORIST. We WANT to create something for you that matches not only the love you send to the recipient, but the money you have invested.
February 22, 2021 — Phoebe Orilio